Royal Desert Camp

Royal Desert Camp

The Great Indian Thar Desert

The hippest way to rejoice in the real Rajasthani experience is through luxury camps and tents. A romantic culmination of dreams, a veritable recreation of a lifestyle which was once relished by the rulers of Rajputana in repose; the Desert Camp by Pushkar Palace offers an immensely delighting way to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the desert exactly the way it was centuries ago.

The concept of Royal Desert camps traces its birth from the 17th century, when the Mughal rulers, infamous for their luxurious lifestyle, used to pitch regal-style camps where ever they go for hunting, excursions or the battle field. These regal tents were equipped with all the facilities fit for royalty. The tradition then prevailed among later Rajputrulers for their hunting trips, social and royal gatherings and other pursuits.

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Settled at the Ganahera village on Motisar Road at a small distance of around 600 metres from Pushkar, Royal Desert camp offers a luxurious solace in the midst of desert wilderness and breathtaking beauty of sand dunes where outdoors breathe indoor and the time stands still. 

Desert Wilderness and Breathtaking Beauty


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